As a result of the Covid-19 situation, we currently are only able to publish an online edition of the magazine. If you know of anyone who would like to read the magazine, please forward this link to them: hlnews.co.uk

For subscribers who do not have internet access, we may in special circumstances be able to provide a paper copy. Please contact: distribution@hlnews.co.uk

The Harbury and Ladbroke News is a monthly publication available by subscription, or can be purchased from the Library, Post Office, or from the Church.

920 copies are distributed to households within the two villages, with other copies being posted to ex-residents living in the UK and abroad.

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Schedule for the Village Show available from: www.harburyvillageshow.uk

Harbury and Labroke News

Is published monthly and reflects all aspects of local life.

Editorial Office:                          612155

Articles to:                                  articles@hlnews.co.uk or Harbury Pharmacy, Hight Street.

Email address:                           articles@hlnews.co.uk

Advertising Office:                     36, Manor Orchard, Harbury. (612687)


Distribution Manager:                49, Mill Street (612009)


Inserts by prior arrangement:   612009